About Me

I have been living in Marseille (Southeast of France) since 2008, and am often staying in Paris for business or leisure.

I practise rock climbing in the Calanques, one of the main reasons why I chose to live in the South.

I'm a big fan of the game of Go, and am volunteering to my local Go club and some system administration on the French Go Federation server where we host about a hundred club sites.

I have been practicing improvisational theatre for more than four years now, within a group which is starting to give regular public spectacles.

I contribute to some open source projects, mainly Apache Velocity (a template engine), Modality (an ORM), and a few  others.

Some of my personal projects are visible here and there.


(+33) 770 186 013

Where’s My Open Source Dishwasher?

The first and main point about open source software is that it made the productivity of individual developers really explode. So economically speaking, it’s a great success. Add to this that using established open source software is a guaranty of code quality, security, customizability, reactivity, autonomy, community presence and low costs ; and you really wonder why some people still want to pay for less quality. Habits, maybe.

Now, when it comes to your code: should it be opened or not? Well, not necessarily. You do not want to expose your goose that lays golden eggs. Nor do you want to show everyone your quick and dirty code that fulfills your current needs. Note that going full open source is sometimes a viable path if it makes sense to be paid for services, exploitation rights or extra features, and you’ll cut many testing, debugging, commercial and marketing costs. More often, a good candidate to open sourcing will be a side module, not specific to your business, sufficiently complex and/or generic that there is more sense in letting a community maintain it than spending the resources yourself to keep it afloat.

And here, we are specifically talking about code. But there is more to it. Next to open source lies open data, open electronics, open governance... Today you can already find open source mobiles, open source cars, but not yet any open source dishwasher, alas.

Remote Work

As a regular remote worker, I tend to think that it is pretty important to physically meet your coworkers from time to time, especially at the beginning of a project. But, once trust has been built, remote work can reveal itself more motivating and efficient than on site work, provided to ensure contact with some kind of team chat like Slack, Discord, Mattermost, etc.


Performance Logiciel

Pricing software for carriers. Microservice framework for carriers data exchange.
Software architecture coaching. Technical lead. Software architecture and maintenance.


rtrexperience web application
Software architecture coaching. Conception and development of the application canvas.

Ravel Tecnologies

Encrypted database
Software architecture coaching. SQL engine elaboration.

Axonia Partners

Semantic engine ‐ Business intelligence solution
Technical lead, conception, coding and maintenance.

Robotik Technology

Pharmaceutical robots and softwares
Software architecture coaching. Medical data handling. Software assets management tools.

KoDe Software

High performance database engine
Technical design and architecture in collaboration with computational maths researchers. Lead developer then CTO.


Interactive Go game online teaching platform
Conception & implementation.


Online shipping platform
CTO. Functional model implementation, recruitment and management of the technical crew,  scaling up monitoring.


VideoOnDemand embedded components
Technical design & implementation.

Alliance Radiologie

Radiologists shift system management webapp
Technical design & implementation.


e-learning platform
CTO. Voice over IP multi-casting, co-browsing, shared white-board.


Specialized content syndication engine
Software architect. Web crawlers, rich text parsing, indexing and templating.

Serac Group

Control-command interface
Software architect. Project management assistance.


Radio stations multimedia platform
Software engineer. Constraint solver software, graphical interfaces, database design.

full curriculum vitae

English (pdf) / French (pdf)


While I'm trying to keep my services affordable, prices will depend on several factors, as your geographical zone, potential profit sharing or benefits in kind, any other personal interest I may find in the project, etc.